Therefore there is no condemnation

When you come to the Father, there is no agenda. He doesn’t look at you thinking of all the things that you should fix to make yourself better before He accepts you as His friend. He sees you as you are and loves you. He doesn’t love another version of you. He loves you at your best, and He loves you at your worst. He doesn’t wait for you to be more spiritual or have your life together before He accept you. He really does love the real you. He doesn’t care about labels or stereotypes. Or if you smoke or cuss. He doesn’t care if you believe in Him or not. He doesn’t condemn you of your past. He welcomes everyone with open arms. There is freedom in every process of knowing Him. Jesus was a perfect example of being friends with people who were outcasts. If only every Christian was like Jesus. The church is not a place for perfect people but a place for imperfect people looking for a perfect God.

Heaven on Earth

"Dance like there’s nobody watching

Love like you’ll never get hurt

Sing like there’s nobody listening

Live like it’s heaven on earth.”- William W. Purkey

I saw the quote above twice today (once while shopping and second while reading an old book I found… seeing it twice was kind of cool).  My favorite part of it is the last part, “heaven on earth.” It sounds so fabulous, and I have heard people on Tuesday nights say “we call heaven to earth” while they pray.  It blows my mind.  Heaven is in fact where God is and where there is no sickness and there is always happiness.  Angels worship there all the time, constantly. 

Another note: I have been watching Hillsong Church’s media stuff, and it is pretty legit.  Seriously!!! I want to be just as good or not better at videos and stuff they do.  I love it.

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