Why I hate Christianity

Honestly, I hate Christianity. In fact, I run from it. I can’t stand the music. I despise the denominationalism. Christianity, to me, can be full of condemnation and hypocrites. Christians can be the first to throw a stone based on your outward appearance and actions. They’re the first to tell you the “rules” of hanging with the cool kids. You know the ones with their noses higher than their foreheads. Welcome to the perfect club. “Don’t forget to buy our tshirts.” and “You’re a sinner for not buying that CD.” “Did you see me give in the offering last week? Because I didn’t see you give anything.” “Didn’t see you at church last couple weeks, Backslider.” They are better than you, and they know it and show it.

Ok, I could be over exaggerating but sometimes these statements can be worse. Believe me.

You know, Christians have good motives, they want to please God. Sometimes, though I wish they would love more. You know, love like Jesus. Because in the end it doesn’t matter how I feel about Christianity and in humanities worst moments, Jesus takes away all the shame and welcomes them and me with open arms. We’re all the same. We all fall short. We have all became better than our neighbor at one time or another in our heads. But the good news is: Jesus isn’t carrying our sins anymore. He’s not worried about what people are wearing or what their hair looks like. He’s not worried about our past. He has dropped our sins at the cross and made His arms completely free to welcome you with open arms. Right now He is making a way. “I can’t believe you did that?” or “You did what? Wow.” is NEVER statements Jesus would say. He would NEVER point out our short comings but only bring us back to himself. He’s not one to pick up something that He already took care of thousands of years ago. He actually loves those people who listen to Christian music, and He loves everyone in the different denominations.

So to all the klove fans and Catholics, and to all the other religions and denominations,

No matter how unworthy you feel or who you are, you will never be less loved and welcomed into the family of God then you were yesterday and tomorrow. Jesus is not scared of our sin or mistakes. You were not made to live in the guilt and condemnation of your past. Condemnation will keep you from running to the one person that can save you, while Jesus, the lover of your soul, is running straight toward you. Take a step and embrace it. Here we are in this battle between what our heads believe we deserve and what Jesus has already laid before us: grace. It’s the story of the gospel. It’s the highlight, the gift. Jesus came to redeem the sinner, the lonely, the dirty… so that person can become righteous, cleaned, adopted, free. Trust in Jesus. He will never leave you, divorce you, hurt you. You are not to hard to love. You are not to far away. He has good things in store for you. He loves you.

His love will propel you to a higher life. Keep moving forward.

Therefore there is no condemnation

When you come to the Father, there is no agenda. He doesn’t look at you thinking of all the things that you should fix to make yourself better before He accepts you as His friend. He sees you as you are and loves you. He doesn’t love another version of you. He loves you at your best, and He loves you at your worst. He doesn’t wait for you to be more spiritual or have your life together before He accept you. He really does love the real you. He doesn’t care about labels or stereotypes. Or if you smoke or cuss. He doesn’t care if you believe in Him or not. He doesn’t condemn you of your past. He welcomes everyone with open arms. There is freedom in every process of knowing Him. Jesus was a perfect example of being friends with people who were outcasts. If only every Christian was like Jesus. The church is not a place for perfect people but a place for imperfect people looking for a perfect God.


Sin (worry, blame) was never yours to carry. Everytime we sin, we are telling God that He died for nothing.  When we turn from sin, that is when we acknowledge the cross and truly are set free.  In the beginning, Father God already knew He would have to send Jesus. There was already a plan to take the load, so don’t hang on to it. Let it go!

Even then

Even in our unbelief, our human flaws, God never leaves us and He never leaves us out. He is always better than we think. He is still present in our absent. He is still God when we’re done praying. He’s still able to use us when we don’t believe in ourselves. 

He is forever faithful and always good.

What is your life?

When I was younger, I dreamt of being famous or looking like barbie. I even remember telling my grandma i would be the first famous person in our family, and i truly believed it. Then i met Jesus and everything changed. What would I stand for? What goals would I have? To be honest, after meeting Jesus I could have cared less about the best school I could get into, even though that is great, or who will I marry, even though that is fine too, or what would I look like. My thoughts went straight to who could I help and who will I become. So far, I’m super proud of myself. I might not be rich or have a bunch of stuff. But what I do have is worth more than what any book could have taught me or what any person could have brought me. Helping people encounter my Jesus is the best gift in the world. Seeing them change and meet this God that is real and moving in their lives is worth everything. Seeing peoples faces full of hope, what more could i ask for. There’s only one Hope His name is Jesus. He loves you and will meet you right where you’re at. Love God, love yourself, reach out and love others. It’s worth your life, Jesus is worth it all.

Awakening Conference



Yeah I’m pretty sure i’m gonna get WRECKED!  <3

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